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Model photos from the latest addition to the Chiswick Cinema

Part of the residential Chiswick Cinema development

At Earle Architects we design using a variety of mediums, from BIM software such as Revit, to sketching and model making.  We see these mediums as equally important design methodologies to aid our design development and design communication. 

Here at Chiswick Cinema, we edited an existing model we had previously built of the scheme to include an extension to the residential unit 1 that is about to be submitted for consideration by the council.

The extension utilises a previously inaccessible flat roof to create lounge, kitchen, dining and study areas, as well as two terrace spaces.

The internal courtyards and skylights will bring plenty of light into the extension.  The louvres covering these courtyards and skylights will ensure privacy and no overlooking between neighbouring properties and the proposed.

We look forward to receiving comments from our proposal and continuing the overall Chiswick Cinema scheme throughout 2020.