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Pine Ridge

Frimley, Surrey


Pine Ridge is an existing pay-and-play golf course with a 3,000sqm clubhouse. Our client, Crown Golf, sought to broaden its operation by upgrading and enlarging the building to offer country club facilities which would boast a gym, swimming pool, spa treatments and outdoor tennis as well as golf membership.

Our proposals include the demolition of approximately half of the existing building, the construction of a new wing and remodelling of the retained part of the existing building. The £5.4m works will bring a clean, sophisticated look to the dark and oppressive existing building.

In the context of planning policy, the building's use would be resisted in a rural setting, in accordance with PPS7 (Sustainable Development in Rural Areas). However, we were able to secure planning permission in this case with a robust and detailed planning application which justified the design principles, confirmed the low energy use and included volumetric comparisons between the existing and proposed buildings.

Below: the existing building.

The existing building