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Sarm Music Village

Kensington and Chelsea, London


This scheme is for a successful music production company in West London. It comprises the replacement of an existing single storey extension with a modern and elegant building to house dining area that will serve existing recording studios and offices. The modest addition is designed to provide a breakout space that is both a place to relax during the working day and a place to bring together employees and clients. 

The building sits neatly within an existing courtyard. However, as a courtyard, the site is a complex one, being overlooked on three sides. For those who work in the surrounding buildings and for the surrounding residents, the current view of the courtyard is poor; the three surrounding walls of the main building create a canyon effect with little visual interest. The existing single storey building also has an unsightly cluttered roofscape. The proposed extension is intended to be functional, serving the offices and recording studios, whilst simultaneously improving the overall appearance of the courtyard. Part of the courtyard is retained and landscaped to provide light and views for the dining space; a fully glazed principal elevation houses a flexible seating area in which one can feel like they are sitting in the courtyard. This glazed seating area will also be able to be transformed into a private dining area or meeting room. The extension will have a low maintenance flat sedum roof, improving the view from surrounding buildings. Where the extension abuts the offices, there will be a glass roof, maintaining a visual break from the existing building as well as allowing light into deeper areas of the extension and adding visual interest to the roofscape.