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Manor Gardens Welfare Trust

London Borough of Islington


Manor Gardens Centre instructed Earle Architects to redesign the current ground floor office area in Islington.  Working closely with the staff to envisage a new proposal for the space we have designed a more welcoming, bright central reception area for the vital services they provide to the local community. 

Using our PIE design guide, we created a new hub for the centre including a variety of seating areas, a workspace and a kitchen for the community to use.  We also designed a private ‘one to one’ room for staff and service users to use alike.  For the staff we have designed a new private reception area with an office/storage space to house any relevant equipment.

We are using warm, bright colours throughout and implementing biophilic design principles with the inclusion of planting shelfs around the perimeter of the reception area to make the space feel relaxing and welcoming.  Natural materials such as wood will be used to construct the new design elements to further implement the design principles of the proposal.

We look forward to seeing this design come to life in 2020.