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Picturehouse Stratford

London Borough of Newham


Earle Architects are currently working on an internal refurbishment of Picturehouse Stratford which comprises of 4 screens and bar and kiosk areas.  We redesigned Burrell Foley and Fischers unique design to add warmth, colour and a more intimate design to create an improved, welcoming interior. 

As part of this redesign we added a second bar as well as providing a kitchen to serve the cafe/restaurant.  To tackle the vast spaces, we have improved the way finding with a series of double-sided projecting signs that focus on the flow up and down the building.  We have introduced a series of faceted geometric paneled human scaled elements to the design that create a more intimate and welcoming environment.  These include features such as booths, wall planters and faceted bars and ceiling that will be made from natural materials, bright colours and include greenery in parts.  The screens will all boast improved sight lines and increased legroom.

Construction of this refurbishment is planned for early 2020, reopening this year too.